Sell on Wonder Grass Systems
What do I need to do?
Hello Guest User, if you are ready to start making money from Wonder Grass Systems, all you need to do is to create your store and upload your products for customers to buy. You will get more detailed information in the paragraphs below.
What is a store?
A store is an online shop owned by our registered users. Any user, including you, can own a store on WG Systems.
How do I create a store?
All you need to do is create a new account or log in to your account, and then Create your Store. Your store will be created and accessible right away. It's easy to set up and absolutely free. There are no charges whatsoever.
How do I upload my products?
Once your store has been created, go to your account section and then navigate to My Products. Click the Upload button to upload your new product to your online store. Your uploaded product will be accessible and purchasable once it has been approved by the administrator. You can upload as many products as possible. This increases the chances of your products to be chosen by the customer and hence, your earning increases.
How do I earn from my products?
You earn every time your products is bought. That is, Whenever a customer wants to make an order on WG Systems, if the customer bought the (or one of the) product(s) from your store, the money will be credited to your account.
How do I get paid?
Once the order has been completed and delivered to the customer, your payment will be processed right away. Your payment will be sent to your registered bank account number. You can monitor your earnings in your account section.
Will I be paying Wonder Grass Systems as a store owner?
First off, setting up your store on our platform is absolutely free. Uploading your products to your store is also free. However, whenever a product from your store has been purchased by a customer, you will be charged a commission of 10% of the product price. For example, if a product in your store (worth ₦45,000) was sold on our platform, and the product has been successfully delivered to the customer, that is the only time you will be charged 10% of the product price (which will be ₦4,500). Asides this, there are no other charges from us.